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Physical Education
Physical Education is an integral part of the curriculum at IST. One of the features of our programme is that all lessons from Reception Class through to Year 10 are taken by a specialist physical education teacher.

For a new school our range of facilities is very impressive. A full size pitch for Football, Baseball and Rugby, two outdoor Basketball courts and two Tennis courts. Indoors our KS1 students enjoy their own specialised gymnasium and the older students have their lessons in a multi-purpose hall.

Primary School
Each sport will be taught for a period of 2 to 3 weeks, so that we can introduce the children to as many sports as possible. Children will learn the basic rules of each sport, as well as the basic techniques to play the game. Emphasis will be put on practice of the different skills related to the sport taught. We also teach the different strategies and tactics found in individual and team games.

All new physical challenges - throwing, catching, kicking, etc. are approached through games. We take into account the child's imagination, and we allow room for exploration and discovery. The children will be involved in different activities and exercises that will put them in situations where they will have to use their physical skills or practise new ones to resolve problems. Problem solving plays an important part in the methodology of teaching PE at this level.


Design & Technology
Physical Education
International Baccalaureate

All the classes in the Secondary School are coeducational. At this level the children are exposed to a more in depth look at all the sports proposed at the lower grades. The competitive side of the sports are approached with tournaments and time trials that develop teamwork and individual performance.

Students are also eligible for representing the school at Football (Soccer) for boys and Basketball for boys and girls. All the students can come to the try-outs and the coaches decide team selection. Students play against other schools in Europe as well as local club teams.

Activities offered during the school year in PE for the whole school.

Team sports

> Football
> Volleyball
> Baseball
> Hockey
> Basketball
> Rugby
> Softball

Individual sports

> Badminton
> Gymnastics
> Judo
> Roller Blade
> Tennis
> Table tennis
> Scooters

Track and Field

> Javelin
> Discus
> High Jump
> Long distance running
> Sprint

After-school Team Sports Competition (See our SPORT page for further details)

> Girls and Boys Basketball teams
> Boys Football (Soccer) team