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Home School Links
In September, at the beginning of the school year, parents are invited to meet their child's teacher in an informative session. This provides an opportunity to meet the form tutor and to understand the basic organisation of the school timetable.

Daily communication can be maintained via the Home-School Communication Book. This can include informal notes about children's welfare or progress. This system enables us to respond quickly to parental concerns. All Teachers are available for Parent-Teacher meetings during the week and appointments can be made through the Reception Desk at front office. Official letters from the school are sent home via the Communications Book in Infants and the Communications folder in Juniors.

The Curriculum
ICT in the Primary School
Home School Links
Assemblies & Homework

Years 3 and 4

Years 5 and 6 Interim reports on literacy and numeracy skills and French will be sent home in late October and April, to ensure that parents have early feedback that students are on track. Parents of Reception children, receive a skills based report which better matches the specific needs of Early Years children. The first interim report is followed in November by a Parent-Teacher meeting to discuss individual progress. This takes place on a school day to allow sufficient time to discuss each child.

Full written reports on all subjects will be sent home in December and June. Our aim is to identify at an early stage in the year, students who need additional support or extension and to communicate this to parents.

Parental support via the Friends of IST is a valuable Home-School link and helps develop the social life of the school. The official Parents' Association is an elected body which liases between Home and School. Official elections are held annually to elect Parent Delegates who represent the parents' body of each Primary class. Regular meetings are held with the Head of Primary and the Principal.