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Primary School


Children enjoy coming to the International School of Toulouse. We know this is true, because our recent PIPS (PERFORMANCE INDICATORS IN PRIMARY SCHOOLS) assessment by the University of Durham, England, included a student evaluation of how much they enjoyed coming to school.

Our aim is to develop students with the learning skills and positive personal outlook necessary to be able to accept the challenges of a fast-changing world. This means equipping students with a wide range of traditional academic skills as well as modern technological skills. Even more importantly, developing critical thinking skills, including the willingness to consider a range of options and select the most appropriate, helps children learn to make informed choices. We encourage students to be active learners, which means taking an active role in their own learning.

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Resources provide lively teaching environment


The Primary School includes children from the age of 4 to 11. Children are accepted into the Reception Class in the year in which they will be 5 years old. The INFANTS SECTION includes the Reception, Year One and Year Two classes. The JUNIORS SECTION includes Years Three, Four, Five and Six. Once students have completed Year Six, they transfer to the MIDDLE SCHOOL in the Secondary School. There is a transition programme between Primary and Middle School to facilitate the move to Secondary.


The Primary School is well-equipped. Bright, airy classrooms, complete with an outstanding range of teaching resources provide a stimulating learning environment. Junior classrooms are equipped with internet and intranet access, and all classrooms have access to a range of audio-visual facilities such as projectors, tv, video, CD and audio cassette players. Specialist teaching rooms provide additional space and resources for specialist subject teaching. A Primary Activity Room provides space for art and technology activities, including cooking. A Primary Gym provides additional sports facilities to the Main Hall. A new Infants' Block provides spacious classrooms for all the infant classrooms and includes a covered canopy and hard area to create an outdoor classroom area. International Department and Learning Support Department rooms also complement the main teaching classrooms. Play facilities include two large hard-surface spaces, a fenced hard court area for ball games and extensive playing fields. Primary play equipment includes a range of large scale construction toys, play-tunnels, game tables, wall-mounted magnetic games and a selection of smaller toys to encourage throwing and catching skills and cooperative play skills. The Reception class is equipped with an outside play area including playhouse, water and sand facilities.