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Network policies

Welcome to the on-line version of the Network Users Agreement for the Learning Community at IST. This is designed as a help document for all users as well as clearly stating the expectations and responsibilities that apply when logged on to the school network, the internet or in the use of email. This document has been written in accordance with French law.


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Network Policies

The computer network of The International School of Toulouse (the "Network") links the students and staff to the external world. This provides users of the Network and the Network Manager with access to the internal intranet and the global world wide web through the Internet. CD-ROM's, email and library resources are likewise provided both internally and externally.

These facilities are a communal resource available to the staff and students of The International School of Toulouse (the "School"). Like with any communal resource, use of the Network is subject to a number of rules, the role of which are to assure the security and performance of data processing, the preservation of the confidential nature of data, the prevention of unlawful copying and distribution of software, the protection of individual rights of privacy as well as the transmission and receipt of data in full compliance with the legal regulations in force. Theses rules also seek to set out acceptable standards of behaviour, designed to protect the user and optimise the performance of the Network.

Compliance with the rules set out in this document (the "User Policy") are particularly important in the case of the Internet as the user is put in direct contact with anyone outside the School connected to the global network. It cannot be emphasised too strongly that the Internet is an open and largely uncontrolled information resource; this User Policy seeks to provide users with clear guidelines as to what constitutes acceptable use of the Network.

Before students or members of staff are granted authorised access to the Network, they shall be given a copy of the User Policy and shall be asked to familiarise themselves and understand the content of the User Policy. Access to the Network shall not be granted to anyone unless they have signed the acceptance form attached to this User Policy undertaking to comply with the rules set out in the User Policy. In the case of students under the legal age of majority (18 year old), access shall not be granted unless their parents have also signed the acceptance form providing an identical undertaking for and behalf of the student.

The character of this User Policy is essentially informative and preventative and signature of the acceptance form shall not discharge the user or the School of any liability arising from the use of the Network by the user or the School.

Given the relatively recent development of the internet and the speed at which computer networks and the information environment can develop, it will be necessary to review and amend this User Policy on a regular basis. All amendments will be notified to users at the appropriate time and shall enter into force immediately upon notification.

 Article 1 : Scope of the policy
 Article 2 : Definitions
 Article 3 : Access to the network
 Article 4 : Security of the network
 Article 5 : Confidentiality
 Article 6 : Use of network
 Article 7 : Sharing of resources
 Article 8 : French legal framework
 Article 9 : Sanctions
 Article 10 : Rights and duties of the network manager
 Article 11 : Control and surveillance of use of network