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Year 7 = 6e
Year 8 = 5e
Year 9 = 4e
Year 10 = 3e
Year 11 = 2nde
Year 12 = 1e
Year 13 = Tle



Phrases et structures linguistiques du film à traduire en français:

  1. He doesn’t know it yet

  2. I tried to defend him

  3. Does someone want some coffee?

  4. It’s you he wants to speak to

  5. I’ll be unemployed next month

  6. I know you’ll be OK (construction with ‘se sortir de’)

  7. I’m very fond of it (construction with ‘tenir à’)

  8. Just one word, and I’ll go

  9. Can you see me playing rugby?

  10. We’ll mix that all up

  11. It’s a lot harder than one imagines

  12. Don’t hang up

  13. It won’t prevent people from thinking that it’s because if that

  14. Before getting down (‘moving on to’) to business

  15. They are certainly not my sons!

  16. Pass them around (construction with ‘faire’)

  17. It’s undoubtedly hateful (ie. with bad intentions)

  18. There is no question of it

  19. We’ve come at the following conclusion

  20. Put that away (for me) quickly

  21. I thought as much (construction with ‘se douter de’)

  22. I’m the first one to admit it

  23. I’ll have some as well

  24. It seems to have worked (construction with ‘avoir l’air’)

  25. There’s another thing

  26. I don’t know what to say to him

  27. We’ve got nothing in common

  28. I don’t drink or else I fall asleep

  29. Not when I’m on duty

  30. The more efforts I made, the more he closed up

  31. I’m going to get myself another coffee

  32. I’m happy that you’ve kept your job

  33. I’ve known you for a while

  34. It just surprised me a little, that’s all

  35. Why would she be interested in me?

  36. I had other things to do

  37. I thought you’d like the colour (not ‘aimer’)

  38. Leave me alone (not ‘seul’)

  39. They didn’t steal anything

  40. He would never ask me that

  41. We’re going to need you

  42. I’ve been living on my own for 2 days

  43. If I were you, I’d go (À ta…)

  44. Is that why you’ve come?

  45. I forbid you to smoke

  46. Can we meet up (ie. see each other)?

  47. You haven’t done anything special

  48. If I can convince you of it, that would be a good way to thank you

  49. When I went to bed at night, I couldn’t get to sleep

  50. I’ve realised how (ie. to what extent) you’re unpleasant

  51. I was delighted to see you again

  52. Should I apply for unemployment?

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